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Would you like to work with Just!Venice? Send us your CV.

The strengths of our staff are its expertise and continuous update.

We are looking for:

  • translators with proven experience in western, eastern and rare languages
  • interpreters (simultaneous, consecutive, negotiation, chuchotage) living both in Italy and abroad
  • qualified mothertongue and non mothertongue teachers
  • hostesses and stewards
  • tour leaders and licensed tourist guides

 Please highlight the following points in your CV:

  • all your language combinations
  • education and training (include the name of universities, institutes, organizations; qualifications awarded and year of attainment; known foreign languages with relative level)
  • Work experiences, with reference to the clients' names and the agencies you collaborate/have collaborated with, publications you have translated (if any)
  • verifiable references (if any)
  •  Basic fees for 1,500 characters sheet, spaces included in the case of translators and intepreters
  • attach a digital photograph

 Do not forget:

Telephone number and e-mail address, residence and/or workplace address, taxpayer’s code and VAT REGISTRATION no. (if any) and the authorization to process confidential data.

(I authorize Just!Venice s.n.c to process my personal data in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).

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