Fairs: organisation and management

With its established professionalism Just!Venice handles the management and the organization of all activities related to the participation to fairs, national and international events so that such events turn into a point of strength for your company.

An opportunity to consolidate the relations with existing clients and open new contacts.

Just!Venice assists you in all the stages, before, after and during the fair, in Italy as well as abroad:

  • relations with the fair organising body
  • technical and business briefing at the company’s premises
  • preparation of all material  
  • relations with the suppliers
  • stand fitting
  • in situ coordination of hostesses/stewards
  • fair attendance with promotional/marketing activities to open new contacts
  • technical contacts file and post-event assistance
  • confidential management of information

"Means and ends are convertible terms in my philosophy of life...and there is just the same inviolable connection between the means and the end, as there is between the seed and the tree."

Mahatma Gandhi