Conferences and fairs

Image and professionalism, Just!Venice main guidelines, are the main factors determining the success of a meeting.

Just!Venice organizes conferences and events, dealing with all the planning phases and supporting clients before, during and after the event, also in case of national and international fairs and events.

 We can help you make your initiative come true.

 Which organisational areas does Just!Venice specialise in?

  • consulting services to help identify the best location for conferences and seminars
  • consulting services to assist in the choice of the location for receptions and galas
  • operative secretariat and multilingual desk
  • hostess e steward
  • liaison, consecutive and simultaneous interpreters
  • organization of press kits and promotional packages
  • drafting of promotional texts also in foreign languages
  • retrieval of information pack
  • proofreading of documents in Italian as well as in foreign languages
  • transcript of proceedings, round tables and interviews
  • translation of catalogues and conference proceedings
  • devising of evaluation sheets and reports
  • booths for simultaneous interpreting
  • entry and elaboration of data gathered at conferences
  • sponsor and contacts search

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Mahatma Gandhi